Where you work becomes your life. When your life starts taking place elsewhere, it means your heart is no longer in your work. Follow your heart beautiful ❤️


It may be Friday but the day is yet to begin… it’s a brand new day beautiful so make the most of it. And then relax 😉😘

Good morning beautiful! Today I’m asking you to ask yourself: ‘what is my passion?’ Then ask: ‘how can I turn my passion into a purpose – at the end of the day what would I like to see change?’ And then ask: ‘how does this job allow me to fulfil my passion and purpose?’ 

Let your purpose lead your way, beautiful 💕

You are part of something bigger…

With every working day, remember you are part of something bigger than your work – and bigger than yourself. Follow your purpose and you’ll be on the right path. You’ll find the energy to fulfil your dreams. Just remember, your bigger than the every day, beautiful xx 

Happy July everyone! It’s a new month but I want to say to you that every day and every moment is a new one. We celebrate milestones but let’s start celebrating minutes. If there’s something you want to do, don’t want until the next month – start doing it now. There’s nothing holding you back and there’s everything to gain as you move forward. Do it confidently, convincingly and with conviction, and you’ll see that with every new step you take, a new path you shall create. Have a fab one beautiful 💕

Be a magnet for positivity, beautiful. If you think positive thoughts, that is what you will attract. Turn down the volume of your mind monkeys and turn up the voice telling you ‘it can happen. It will happen.’ Have a fabulous day beautiful and plant some beautiful thoughts to create the garden of your dreams 💕😘

Let it go…


Hello beautiful people! I hope you’re having a super Sunday and feeling ready and raring to go on Monday – and the rest of your week…and life!

My little words of wisdom to you tonight are to let it go. Sometimes, you can feel like you’re fighting for what you want, fighting for what you believe, and fighting against the natural grain to get to where you want to be.

Stop fighting it. And start believing in it. Where you are right now is right where you are meant to be. And where you want to go will find its way to you. But you have to stop creating friction by fighting the present moment, and you have to start believing that what you want is destined and will happen when the moment is right.

And suddenly, like the switch of light bulb, you’ll feel switched on and ready. You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted by surrendering your dreams to the universe, your higher purpose and calling afloat in what is greater than you, and with this lightness you will be able to glide forwards. You will be ready. Your mind will be silent and you will be able to hear the signs to carry you along your journey…


Just let it go…x

Shine from within… 

Whether there is physical sunshine, rain or clouds outside, know that you shine from within and can shower your rays on others. Be it through a kind gesture, a sweet word, or simply a smile, let your light shine from within and your soul brighten up the universe. And it’s not always for others – the more you shine, the more you will also bask in your glow. The saying is ‘like a moth to a flame’ – shine from within and attract what you desire. Have a fab day beautiful 😘✨💫

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