Be a believer, beautiful 

Beautiful – you have to believe in yourself. Did you know, Walt Disney believed in himself every step of the way and had others who believed in him – even after filing for bankruptcy and eating food from trash cans. It’s where he made friends with a little mouse… 

JK Rowling was as poor as someone in Britain can be without being homeless. But all it took was for her and one publisher to believe in her book. 

I can relate to this, because I believe in myself when the going gets good. But when the good gets going, I have a few people telling me ‘come on, you can do it. You’ve done it before, keep going, you’ll do it again’. All it takes to get to where you want is hard work and belief – in yourself and from another. And what’s more beautiful, is that you can be someone else’s champion and that person who encourages another to follow their dream. I’m constantly telling me friends ‘don’t settle for this because you are capable of doing more’. Be a believer – for yourself and for others. Have a great day beautiful – be confident and believe 💕


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