Good morning beautiful! I haven’t posted for a few days due to being busy making my dreams come true. But do not for a moment think I left you. I’ve been carrying you in my heart, wondering how your pursuit of your dreams is going? If you are having any fears about anything? And I’ve been sending my love and luck you – and my belief in you! And if you’ve found the last few days a bit difficult, I want you to ask yourself: ‘If there was one thing I’ll ever regret not doing in life if I had the chance, it would be…’ Take a moment to think about it. Now take a moment to question why you haven’t done it. Grab a pen and write down the steps you could take to get there. You’re halfway there already, beautiful! And just remember, equally we say ‘wow, I did that’. Celebrate those times and remember it’s up to you to make less of the ‘I wish I did’ and more of the ‘I can’t believe I did that’. I believe you can 💕


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