Beautiful, today I want you to be conscious of each and every one of your thoughts. Did you know how powerful they are? No? Take a little moment while brushing your teeth or preparing or breakfast or getting dressed to think about all the major events that have happened in your life and think about your thoughts and feelings at the time. Do they correlate? Sometimes we fail to recognise that we got what we asked for but not in the way we expected. For example, wanting an ice cream but not specifying the flavour. Every incident has happened as a product or manifestation of your inner thoughts and desires. Listen to your inner voice carefully; what it is asking for or saying; and perhaps what you’d like it to be saying instead. You have full control over your thoughts and consequently all that they bring into your life. And everything in your life is preparing you for what you’re asking for – make your asks your biggest dream and live it girl! X 


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